maisonvideo (1988-2008)

Video installation – 2004-2008

“When I was a child, I used to have fun expermimenting with my parent’s camcorder all the time. For this video, I was 8 when I planed to do some homemade morphing transition between two videos. In 2004, I mixed this video with a new version of it with me as a young adult. And I did just like when I was a child, I shot it in the same exact place with the same recording device, a Hi8 camcorder.” NB : homevideo (1988-2008) is part of the Homemade Memories cycle.



2019 • Projection-Rencontre avec Sebastien Loghman, David Lynch’s Silencio, in conversation with art critic Violaine Boutet de Monvel, Paris, FR
• Jeune Création 08 , Grande Halles – La Villette, Paris 2004
• European video gathering of Lassie, Vienna, AUSTRIA
• ‘Beyrouth Utopie‘, Espace SD, Beirut – LEBANON