8 REVOLUTIONS - tournage - caméra pellicule Bolex

Cinematographic device, loop video with music

music : Sebastien Loghman

Technical aspect : looped video with sound, 2’
presentation mode : 8 hours of loop projection in a screening room

The eight identical characters who walk towards us on the screen, will they join our reality?

In a movie theatre, the visitor discovers on the screen the film ‘8 Revolutions’ in a loop, projected for eight hours in a row. During the projection, he can apprehend the space, sit on a seat or approach the screen.

Shot in the Nevada desert, the film is an epic western reduced to the maximum: eight identical men (clones of Sebastien Loghman) walk in the desert, in the direction of the camera.

By playing on the optical illusion that the distance of a person walking towards us gives the impression that they are standing still, the film thumbs its nose at the very notion of progress, dear to all conquest.


Lecture Hall, SFAI, San Francisco, USA (2005)