Series of drawings, 2020

Portraits 2020

Drawn on paper, portraits of artists and cultural professions during the Covid19 health crisis, distributed on social networks and intended to be exhibited and published in the form of an artist's book

Born in a context that forced isolation, this series is an opportunity: to recreate the missing link.

photographic series and social networks, 2017

The TaVReller (round the world in 7 days)

They say the journey matters more than the destination.
In this ‘bedroom trip’ that appeared on social networks, the trip remains to be imagined.

Interactive video device, 2006

Le Sommeil / Adam's CAM

In a video with pronounced grain (night shot) presented like a painting, a naked woman is lying with her back to the viewer. The screen surface is touch sensitive. A sensual, erotic relationship engages with the image.

In the Net Art version, the video is presented like a webcam on the website.

Au sein d’une vidéo au grain prononcé (night shot) présentée telle un tableau, une femme nue est allongée dos au regardeur. La surface de l’écran est tactile. Un rapport sensuel, érotique, s’engage avec l’image.

Dans la version Net Art, la vidéo se présente telle une webcam sur le site

Loop video installation, 2006

The end of the tunnel

Dans un tunnel, un homme marche seul au milieu de la route en sifflant « Que sera sera » de Doris Day.

Looping 16mm film, 2005

Sisyphus Team

A group of men and women pedal tirelessly on immobile bicycles in the safety of an enclosed space, as the image deteriorates.

video and installation, 2006

Untitled (what you can't see exists as well)

At the MAC/VAL contemporary art museum, installers assemble an invisible monumental sculpture.

Architectural and video installation, 2006


A 6m high tower in the center of the glazed courtyard of the Beaux-Arts de Paris. The entrance to this tower is low, so you have to bend down to enter. Inside, a pedestal over 2m stands in the center of the room and from its top is projected a video that illuminates the ceiling: the animation of a colorful pattern that resembles cell division.

Installation, 2006

To Do

On a post-it is written as a reminder "CREATE A GOD AND WORSHIP HIM". His photo is projected onto a wall, giving it a monumental character.

Interactive installation, 2005

Towers of Babel

A text is projected onto a piece of furniture built for this purpose. I testify as a foreigner who settles in the United States, and describe my impressions and my relationship to the language.

The visitor can translate the text into the language of his choice by placing the corresponding dictionary at the location of the projection. By stacking the dictionaries, the text is translated into as many languages ​​used.

A poetic language evolves before our eyes.

Installation, 2007

Probable Spam

A wall of the exhibition is covered with handwritten letters. We are all used to this type of content that we try to avoid at all costs in our emails: spam.

The "spam" were copied by hand except for one detail: the purpose of these missives (to ask for money) was removed to keep only the stories served up by hackers to appease their victims. In rest of ubiquitous and tasty testimonies never stingy in melodramatic details.

Extended cinema, 2006


By playing on the optical illusion that the distance of a person walking towards us gives the impression that they are standing still, 8 REVOLUTIONS makes fun of conquest and the very notion of progress.


Loop video, 2001


The artist presents his project.