Where the Ruins Grow a film by Sebastien Loghman

Fiction - short film

Where the Ruins Grow


An inmate smokes a cigarette.

Fiction - short film


Fantasy comedy

A domestic dispute between a man and his other half.

Fiction - short stereoscopic 3D film



And what if memories became a reality? Romanesco, an elderly and single man, realizes that an object is missing from his collection. He sets out to find it in the depths of his memory. Now that he old, will Romanesco have acquired a power over his memories?

Fiction - short musical film

Cantor Dust Man

Musical Fantasy

In contact with a flavour which he formerly knew, a man is taken by the stream of his thought. Invaded by the plurality of his being that this memory reveals, he penetrates into the depths of his memory, investigating the borders of his internal universe.

Fiction - short film

I've never heard of Alice

Science Fiction

Alice is a maid in a large hotel. Within the structure, her wanderings take her to places where control of oneself, control of others and the rituals of the world of work combine. Alice lets herself be guided by routine and glides along within the system so long as it remains discreet. But then it reveals its true colors.


Fiction - music video

Boys Noize - What You Want

Science Fiction - Super Heros

An average man moves to Olympian Hills, a mysterious super heros city.

Fiction - music video

Boys Noize - IchRU

Science Fiction

In a world made of computer keys, Keyboy spends his time playing and dancing alone until an encounter opens his eyes on a mysterious place.



Video portrait

Ramin's life is increasingly complicated and his mother knows that it is time to make a change. Ramin is a young autistic adult. This is his last day at home and his first visit to a center for autistic people.

Fiction - - short film

Sans Titre (ce que vous ne voyez pas existe aussi)


In a museum, the exhibition team install an invisible monumental sculpture.

Fiction - short film

Reste à Vivre

A young woman and her partner have a talk in a round bed.

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