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DESCRIPTION : The visitor is invited to touch a woman sleeping in her bed through an interactive webcam.

Flash Festival 05 - Centre Pompidou Flash Festival 05 - Centre Pompidou

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CONCEPTION, PROGRAMMING for website : Sebastien Loghman - PROGRAMMING for exhibiton : JM Geridan



DESCRIPTION : A digital still life.

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CONCEPTION, ANIMATION : Sebastien Loghman, Brice Haumont - PROGRAMMING : Sebastien Loghman




DESCRIPTION : On the post-it is written 'Create a god and venerate it'






DESCRIPTION : Towers of Babel is an interactive installation which questions language. Starting with a short description of a foreign person's experience in his native language, the visitor plays with dictionary books of different nationalities to translate the text and little by little transform it into a new obscure language. Thus, the translator software used here turns into some kind of poetry generator that denies meaning to bring new grammatical forms, new associations of words in an anarchic mix of languages.

CONCEPTION, TEXT : Sebastien Loghman - PROGRAMMING : Eric Paulos




SYNOPSIS OF THE VIDEO : In the Contempory Art Museum of Val de Marne (MAC/VAL), France, exhibition installers bring and place a monumental invisible sculpture..

INSTALLATION : Sebastien Loghman - PRODUCTION, FILM DIRECTION, SCRIPT: Sebastien Loghman & Thomas Guillaume - with the help of MAC/VAL and Caisse des depots et consignations



DESCRIPTION : The visitor enters a white 197 inch high tower by a small operture. On the seiling is projected a kind of animated coloured diagram.


Untitled (what you can't see exists as well)

DESCRIPTION : In one static sequence shot, 8 clones seem to walk toward the camera in a desert while they're not even moving forward because of an optical illusion.


MUSIC : Sebastien Loghman



DESCRIPTION : When I was a child, I used to have fun expermimenting with my parent's camcorder all the time. For this video, I was 8 when I planed to do some homemade morphing transition between two videos. In 2004, I mixed this video with a new version of it with me as a young adult. And I did just like when I was a child, I shot it in the same exact place with the same recording device, a Hi8 camcorder.

By and with Sebastien.Loghman


2009 • POST GRAD / Le Fresnoy - National Studio of Contemporary Arts - FR

2006 • MASTER OF FINE ARTS / National School of Fine Arts in Paris - FR

2005 • SCHOLARSHIP / San Francisco Art Institute - USA



• Laval Virtual - Laval, FR

• Virtuality / Le Centquatre - Paris, FR


• Nuit Blanche a Montreal / contemporary art festival Art Souterrain, CANADA


• Videodrome, Paris, FRANCE
• Le corps numérique, Théatre Liberté, Toulon, FR

• Nuit Blanche, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, FR
• Imagem Contato Festival - Mostra Sesc de Artes 2012, Sao Paulo, BRASIL

• Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, FR
• Cote Court film festival, 20 years, Pantin, FR

• Di-stances, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, CHINA
• 25th Brest European Short Film Festival - Cinéma and new technologies - 'Il était 1x5' meeting, FR
• La Geode Omnimax cinema, 25 years, screening in 3D of 'Puzzle', Paris, FR
• L'étrange Festival - Canal+ selection, Paris, FR
• Stuttgart International Animation Film Festival - Trickfilm, GERMANY
• Coté Court film festival of Pantin, FR
• Short Film Festival of Namur, BELGIUM
• 'Semaine des arts de la scène et des créations expérimentales', French Institut of Valencia, SPAIN
• Bains Numérique, Enghiens-Les-Bains Arts Center, FR
• Magma, mostra di cinema breve, ITALY
• Heure Exquise - Musicvideoart#5, Lille International Center of Video Art, FR
• Loop '10, Barcelona, SPAIN
• Lille Art Fair, FR
• Mostra Experiencias no video contemporaneo - Cinedesign, BRASIL
• Videoformes, Clermont-Ferrand, FR
• Jeune Creation 1951-2010, Anthony, FR
• Temps d'Images Festival, La Ferme du Buissons, Noisiel, FR

• ArtCourtVideo, Arles, FR
• E-ARTS festival, Shanghai, CHINA
• Panorama 11, Le Fresnoy, curated by Régis Durand, Tourcoing, FR

• Jeune Creation, Grande Halle de La Villette, cite des sciences et de l'industrie, Paris, FR
• Panorama 9-10, Le Fresnoy, curated by Bernard Blistene, Tourcoing, FR
• Rencontres du Court de Montpellier, FR

• Societe anonyme, Le Plateau, invited by Tere Recarens, Paris, FR
• Jeune Creation 07, La Bellevilloise, Paris, FR
• Videosalon curatorial rebound project, Galerija 10m2, Sarajevo, BOSNIA

• Solo show in glass-roofed atrium of Palais des Etudes, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, FR
• La Fabrique du Dessin, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Paris, FR
• C'est à cote, MAC/VAL- Val de Marne Contemporary Art Museum, curated by Laurent Le Bon, Dorothee Charles and Claude Closky, FR

• Intime*10, Flash Festival, Centre Pompidou, Paris, FR
• Spring Show, Walter & Mc Bean Gallery, San Francisco, USA
• 8 Revolutions, solo show, Lecture Hall, San Francisco Art Institute, USA
• Europe Night of museums - curated by SPTV at the Bucharest National Museum of Contemporary Art - ROMENIA
• Fluxus Festival 2005, netart, BRASIL
• Le Nu, online exhibition,

• Beyrouth Utopie, Espace SD, Beirut, LEBANON
• Still Life, online exhibition,
• International Video Gathering, Lassie, Vienna, AUSTRIA

2010 • Coup de Coeur Canal +, Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival, FR

2009 • Canal+ Prize - 24th Brest European Film Festival, FR

2006 • Artist Grant, Val-de-Marnes, FR

2006 • 'Prime d’encouragement à la creation', Mairie de Paris, FR